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Jilletta Jarvis T-Shirt


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One size fits all, 3" button supporting the campaign for 2018.

Help Our Cause

Every dollar collected will go towards media time, printing, and events to support the campaign and get the message of less taxes, more freedom for the people of NH to more of those NH Citizens who otherwise may not know about this campaign.
  • $5 donations will be sent a button to say Thank you.
  • $99 donations will also receive a t-shirt (so please provide your t-shirt size)
  • $200 donations will also receive newsletter and invitations to any exclusive events
Important !!
  • Per the Financial Reporting Guidelines for political donations, please click the "Share my address with Jilletta Jarvis for NH Governor" Box when making a donation. 
  • If you donate $100 or more, you must also include the name of the company you work for (under "write a note") so I can prove to the state that companies are not going against election finance guidelines.
Thank you for your generosity!

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