November 6 is Election Day! Don't forget to get out and vote!

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Jilletta Jarvis for NH Governor

Jilletta Jarvis
Libertarian Candidate for New Hampshire Governor Campaign Store

Campaign T-Shirt

Basic Campaign T-Shirt

Show your desire to change "politics as usual" with our most popular t-shirt, branded with the campaign slogan "Think Differently.  Vote Differently." You send a message that the same old thing is no longer good enough!

Campaign logo on white t-shirt.  Available in men's, women's and children's styles and sizes.  


Campaign Leggings

Sleek leggings declaring your support of a new kind of candidate! Be sure to announce it so everybody knows and gets excited about it.  


2-Tone Mug

Sip your coffee in style!  Stylish two-toned coffee mug.  Give it as a gift, or keep it for yourself! 


Campaign Magnet

Campaign Magnet

3-inch magnet displaying your support for a candidate outside the typical "politics as usual".   


Campaign Bumper Sticker

Campaign Bumber Sticker

Let everyone know you support a change in the way things are done!  It's time to think differently!


White Campaign Scarf

It gets cold in New Hampshire, but that doesn't keep us from demanding change in our politicians!  Stay warm while holding your Campaign Sign with this White Campaign Scarf.


Help Our Cause

Every dollar collected will go towards media time, printing, and events to support the campaign and get the message of less taxes, more freedom for the people of NH to more of those NH Citizens who otherwise may not know about this campaign.
  • $5 donations will be sent a button to say Thank you.
  • $99 donations will also receive a t-shirt (so please provide your t-shirt size)
  • $200 donations will also receive newsletter and invitations to any exclusive events
Important !!
  • Per the Financial Reporting Guidelines for political donations, please click the "Share my address with Jilletta Jarvis for NH Governor" Box when making a donation. 
  • If you donate $100 or more, you must also include the name of the company you work for (under "write a note") so I can prove to the state that companies are not going against election finance guidelines.
Thank you for your generosity!

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