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Jilletta Jarvis for NH Governor

Jilletta Jarvis
Libertarian Candidate for New Hampshire Governor

NH Cannabis Freedom Festival

August 27, 2017.  Jilletta gives a speech on ending cannabis prohibition in NH at the 2017 NH Cannabis Freedom Festival.


Articles About Jilletta

Articles Written By Jilletta

Brief Mentions

  • Concord Monitor 4/14/2018 Article on the 2A Rally held at the State House and mentions my speech.
  • NH1 mentions my run when discussing Molly Kelly joining the race.
  • Union Leader 6/21/2017 mentioned me as a speaker at the annual Porcfest held in Lancaster, NH
  • Concord Patch 4/12/2017 published a tweet I had sent regarding a high speed car chase through town.
  • NH Journal 4/4/2017 brings up my candidacy when announcing Steve Marchand's announcement.
  • NECN/ NBC Boston made a quick mention in me as an aside in a story about Steve Marchand.
  • The Concord Patch - 4/3/2017 references a 2016 article written about my run.

Jilletta is Running for Governor in 2018

  • WMUR 3/30/3017 - Jarvis is Back
  • NH Journal 3/29/2017 - Emailed Newsletter states: LIBERTARIAN ANNOUNCES RUN FOR GOVERNOR: Well, we have at least one officially declared candidate to run against Gov. Chris Sununu in 2018. Jilletta Jarvis officially announced her campaign for governor as a Libertarian Party candidate at the Libertarian Party of New Hampshire's 2017 convention in Concord this past weekend. Jarvis ran as an independent candidate in the 2016 gubernatorial election. You can watch her speech at the convention here.
  • 3/25/2017 - Libertarian Jilletta Jarvis Announces Campaign for NH Governor

Jilletta Jarvis - My Story

Watch this video to learn more about Jilletta.  What is her history?  What was her life growing up?  Get to know the person behind the candidate.

Jilletta on the Drug Policy

Jilletta speaks on the Drug Crisis and why she's for legalization of Canabis.

Announcement of Candidacy

Speech given at the LPNH Annual Conference on 3/18/2017 announcing Jilletta's 2018 Campaign for Governor.  Less then 10 minutes long, it's an easy listen. 

She said she supports states’ rights, legalizing marijuana, lowering taxes, ending DWI checkpoints and civil asset forfeiture.

“As governor of New Hampshire, I would never sign a bill that took away freedoms from New Hampshire citizens,” she said.