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Jilletta Jarvis for NH Governor

Jilletta Jarvis
Libertarian Candidate for New Hampshire Governor

Jilletta's Positions

Where Do I Stand?

My vision for New Hampshire is to see more opportunity for every-one in the state. I want to prove that smaller government, more personal responsibility, and more government accountability leads to a more successful state. Heavy government restrictions and regulations keep state budgets high and keeps many good individuals from prospering.

I know that we cannot put a complete end to poverty, unemployment, drug abuse, or corruption. However, if we start now—today—we can make positive changes and begin making steps towards these goals. The more of us that take these steps, the bigger the steps become until instead of mere walking, we are running to the goal of a stronger New Hampshire for all of us.

Working together we can build a better future. By stepping outside the comfort zone of hoping for change, we can be the change.

Together we can think differently, vote differently, and succeed.



  • Each year the state budget has gone up which increases the cost to do business in the state and raises property taxes.
  • Lowering the State Budget so that less money is required from individuals and businesses would allow individuals and businesses to grow and succeed with-out having to leave the state to do so.
  • The wealthy should not be the only people to be entrepreneurs in New Hampshire. By reforming our Occupational Licensing requirements, we would be allowing fair and equal opportunity for entrepreneurship to all people in the state.

Drug Policy

Your health and well-being are important to Jilletta. It has been proven that cannabis is an effective treatment in many ailments including type 2 diabetes and obesity. It has also been proven that it is not a gateway drug and the possibility of overdosing on it are so small that it could be said to be impossible. Jilletta would support the legalization of this drug and promote its use in the treatment of those addicted to opioids as it has proven affective to end addiction of those drugs that can lead to death. Jilletta would also invite the lawmakers from Portugal to come and speak with the legislature regarding their success at cutting their drug addiction rates in half in just 10 years. It's time to start using proven successful methods instead of the failed "drug war" which has seen violence and death due to drugs increase, not decrease.

  • The Law Enforcement Action Partnership cites the War on Drugs as the root of the problems in today’s society and that drug abuse is a health problem, not a law enforcement matter.(
  • Drug abuse and related violence across the globe grow and flourish under prohibition.
  • There has been proven success in decreasing the number of drug deaths and addiction rates in other countries.
  • Reforming our policies and practices to those with proven success would serve not just those addicted, but all our communities.


Government belongs to the people. The only way they can know if their representatives are fulfilling their campaign promises is through government transparency.

  • This means data should be easy to access and to understand (including the budget)
  • Elected officials are not the only government employees and while the voters are able to hold them accountable on election day, other employees should also be held to high standards. NH Courts, Departments heads, and other areas paid for with tax payer money should be held to the highest standards possible.

Asset Forfeiture

Jilletta will protect the individual.  While NH does not allow its state and local police to seize assets of individuals who have not been convicted of a crime, the Federal Government still uses this practice and splits the proceeds with the local officials who assist them.  Jilletta would work with our Federal representatives to create legislature to end this practice.  The personal property of an innocent individual should not be seized for any reason.  Our constitution states we are innocent until proven guilty.  You should not have to fight for the innocence of your home or be afraid to travel with cash.


A parent of 3 publicly educated children (1 still in school), the only college graduate of her siblings, a former adjunct professor at the NH Community Technical College, and a former PTA member Jilletta understands the importance of education and the need for personal and parental control over being able to obtain it.  Jilletta believes it should be up to the school district and community whether or not they use common core.  It should not be something that the government dictates.  With the federal government proposing to cut back on education funding, it will be an important concern here in NH where we already have very high property taxes to fund the education of our children.  We cannot afford to raise our taxes to deal with this issue.  Jilletta is committed to keeping the options available to parents open without increasing their tax burden.

Energy & Northern Pass

Energy costs in New Hampshire are high.  There is no doubt on this.  The cost of energy here has kept businesses from expanding, has kept others from moving to NH and has driven even more away that were here.  While some believe the solution is to bring in energy from Canada via the Northern Pass, I disagree.  We have energy companies here in NH that we could be supporting better.  I am not talking about the top three, but the smaller energy producers that our current regulations keep from being able to grow.  Regulations like our Bio-Fuel Regulation that states small businesses that are Bio-Fuel producers may not sell to more than 3 customers other than a franchise electric utility (See RSA 362-A).  We can do better.  We need to reform our energy regulations for growth instead of just bringing in one more utility - especially one such as the Northern Pass Project provider (Hydro-Quebec) that has a history of being sued for coming in, overbilling, unreliability, and violation of U.S. Patents.

2nd Amendment

NH is often cited for having lax gun laws and restrictions.  However, we also have one of the lowest gun death rates in the nation (you can check out the nation's mortality rates for each state for various categories here:  Jilletta believes part of the reason for this low rate is the possibility that ANYONE could have a firearm on them.  Do you want to go into a situation as a shooter where multiple people around you could also have a firearm and be ready and willing to shoot you before you can inflict the chaos or damage that you wanted?  No.  Having an armed population protects our citizenry.  Our constitution guarantees this right and Jilletta will never vote to take it away.

Sending the National Guard to the Border

Jilletta would fight sending the NH National Guard to the Border.  She feels this is an overreach of federal border and believe that the NH National Guard should stay in NH to assist with and protect the people of NH should a crisis occur.  Sending them to the Border would prevent them from helping NH in a timely fashion when needed and such a delay could be costly for our residents.

Sanctuary Cities

Sanctuary Cities treat individuals differently.  Jilletta does not believe there should be a need for such things if we are treating all individuals equally.  It is only areas that allow laws like "Stop and Frisk" or where police are asked to check identification of individuals randomly to verify citizen status - but of which she opposes as these regulations ensure profiling and an "us vs. them" situation.  Jilletta refuses to allow racism and bigotry to rule NH, but believes that regulations that promote equality and deregulation of those that do not would prevent a need for sanctuary cities.

Evolution of Politics

Jilletta proposes an end of "politics as usual" which creates an "Us vs. Them" debate promoting a politicians vs the people situation which is abhorrent.  To promote true representation in government, Jilletta would approve more access to the political process - The requirements to get on the ballot should be residency time, age, residency location, and lack of being a felon at the time of the election.  There should be no Party requirement to be on the ballot.  She would also support making state elections more like our local elections where we are not voting for parties, but instead vote for the candidate.  Let each candidate for an office speak for themselves instead of depending on a Party Platform which they may or may not support.  We have seen spend-heavy Republicans and rights limiting Democrats.  Making candidates stand on their own merits would benefit the voters and help them to make more informed choices.

Pledges Taken

Voluntary Limitation on Campaign Expenditures - I pledge to voluntarily limit my political expenditures to the limits listed on the SOS website

Taxpayer Protection Pledge - I pledge to veto any new broad based tax

No Fossil Fuel Money Pledge - I pledge not to take money from Fossil Fuel Companies

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