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Jilletta Jarvis for NH Governor

Jilletta Jarvis
Libertarian Candidate for New Hampshire Governor

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Donna Hamilton and her Daughter Deanna's Endorsement

Jilletta Jarvis is MY Governor because we have a voiced opinion and we know it is heard and considered with Jilletta in place because she cares.

-Donna Hamilton & her daughter Deanna

Anthony Previte's Endorsement

Jilletta Jarvis is MY Governor because she has the people of NH at the heart of her campaign.

-Anthony Previte

Philip Perry's Endorsement

"I fully endorse and support Jilletta Jarvis to be the next Governor of New Hampshire.  I've spoken with Mrs. Jarvis on several occasions and I'm convinced she will do everything to protect the rights of the individual in New Hampshire."

Richard Campagna LP Candidate for VPOTUS 2004

I would like to take this opportunity to endorse my fellow Libertarian, Jilletta Jarvis, for Governor of New Hampshire.

Jilletta's optimistic persona and accomplished professional record and community activism speak for themselves; nevertheless, a few brief points are in order:

Jilletta is an enthusiastic proponent of government transparency at all levels and of holding governmental agencies accountable for the performance of their sworn obligations to the electorate.  She vehemently opposes increasing tax burdens on NH citizens and governmental programs that fail to accomplish their intended purposes, as well as laws that impinge upon our basic constitutional freedoms. She has also been researching the benefits of hempcrete manufacturing and production for the state and what this product can do for New Hampshire’s infrastructure and economy showing she has New Hampshire’s future in mind.

Please vote for this TRUE Libertarian during the NH Primary on September 11, 2018 to wit-  Jilletta Jarvis For Governor of NH.

Richard V. Campagna
Libertarian Candidate for US VP in 2004

The Feldman Foundation



Jilletta Jarvis grew up on small farms in rural New Hampshire for most of her childhood so is no stranger to hard work. She put herself through college with school loans, scholarships, and work-study. She then joined the ranks of the middle class – teaching and managing teams of trainers and designers to help further the careers of those in the companies where she worked. She also spent time as an adjunct professor at the NH Community Technical College and volunteering with NH Micro-Credit. She recently won one of the 20 Outstanding Women of NH Awards for her volunteer work in the state.

Jilletta is willing to stand up for what she believes, compromise where appropriate, defend those who cannot defend themselves, and always acts with integrity.

She takes pride in her community and always lends a hand to anyone who needs it. Never asking anything in return for her help, she has always felt the best communities are those made up of neighbors helping neighbors for no other reason than that they are neighbors.

It’s for these reasons that we view Jilletta Jarvis as the best option for New Hampshire and we proudly endorse her for Governor in 2018!




Darryl W. Perry Former LPNH Chair, Candidate for President 2016

This September the Libertarian Party of New Hampshire will have its first primary election in over 20 years, which will include the first ever contested gubernatorial primary.

I could give a lengthy comparison of the resumes of the two candidates; however, I will refrain from doing so. Instead, I will list a few of the reasons I am voting for the candidate I am endorsing.

I am issuing this endorsement for a variety of reasons. Primarily, I want the Libertarian Party to nominate the candidate who will best represent the Libertarian Party and libertarian principles: repealing occupational licensing laws, ending the War on Drugs, and depenalization of sex work.

There is only one candidate in this primary who I believe will not only do a great job representing the Libertarian Party in the General Election but will also campaign alongside other Libertarian candidates running for Executive Council, State Senate, State Rep and County Office. This candidate has a history of activism within the Party having served as Secretary of the Libertarian Party of New Hampshire from September 2016 until April of this year, and has also served as Chair of the Candidate Recruitment Committee.

This candidate will also, if elected, work towards lowering taxes, ending government corruption, expanding transparency in the government, and will work with legislature to add sunset clauses to all legislation. It is for these reasons I offer my full endorsement to Jilletta Jarvis. I ask that you join me on September 11, 2018 in casting a vote for Jilletta Jarvis for Governor!

TJ Moonan Creator and Host of Love Works


One of the two most phenomenal public service candidates that I’ve run into. I interviewed Jilletta back in August, she was my first interview in the Candidate Series, and her and I have done a number of events. We did a DCYF event up at the State House as well as an internet commercial we filmed last week and she’s coming to the Meet and Greet Monday (9/10/2018), she’s reached out to me for help. Watch the show, Love Works Episode 2 on my YouTube Channel, you can see her interview as well as Aaron Day who is the other Libertarian running for Governor. I guess as the creator of the television show Love Works, I don’t know if my opinion will have an effect on the election Tuesday but I support and the support of Love Works behind Jilletta Jarvis and I look forward to Tuesday’s Primary.

Brian and Ashley Naglie's Endorsement


We’re voting for Jilletta Jarvis in November as independents. Mainly because she’s fiscally responsible and doesn’t have any kind of utopian denial about the fiscal state of NH. She understands basic human rights that are currently and often overlooked here in NH and that’s important to us.

Robb Goodell Founder Creative Consultant at 76 Press & Vice Chair of Lib Party of the Seacoast

Hi, my name is Rob Goodell and I’m voting for Jilletta Jarvis because I believe she is the only candidate who is fully and consistently dedicated to fighting for individual freedom and fiscal responsibility and while other candidates make hollow and empty promises, Jilletta has continually proven that when she makes a promise – she keeps it, no questions asked. That’s why on September 11th and November 6th , I’m voting Libertarian and I’m voting Jarvis for Governor.