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394 Main St, Sandown, NH 03873-2100, or call 1-800-839-6613
Jilletta Jarvis for NH Governor

Jilletta Jarvis
Libertarian Candidate for New Hampshire Governor

About Jilletta

Personal Life

The daughter of a Vietnam Veteran and a self-taught accountant and the middle of three siblings, she was taught to stand up for what she believed, compromise, defend those who could not defend themselves, and always act with integrity. 

Jilletta grew up on small farms in rural New Hampshire for most of her childhood so is no stranger to hard work. She put herself through college with school loans, scholarships, and work-study.

She takes pride in her community and always lends a hand to anyone who needs it, going so far as to help a neighbor dying of cancer and even planning his funeral as he had no next of kin. Never asking anything in return for her help, she has always felt the best communities are those made up of neighbors helping neighbors for no other reason than because they are neighbors.


While others like to say that they are not "career politicians" Jilletta is truly not.  A middle-class wife and mother from Sandown NH, she has made an effort to help others to succeed through a career in training and design.  She spends her days finding and analyzing problems and helping to come up with solutions to them, then creating ongoing programs to teach those solutions.  She researches solutions, creates plans, works with experts in the policies or regulations she is researching, implements the plan and then tests its effectiveness.  

Her career has been filled with tight deadlines, pushing people to follow through on their commitments, compromise for the good of the people she represents, and doing what she can to cut costs and come in under budget.

As Governor

Jilletta would keep those same principles in the State House.  Work with experts, find the best solutions possible for the people she represents, and do everything in her power to cut costs and come in under budget.

In her words "I believe the government answers to the people, so I want to see more transparency, lower budgets to keep more money in the pockets of the residents of NH, and follow-through on our promises to them."

If this sounds like the type of person you want working for you, please consider supporting the campaign with a small donation, joining the campaign team, or hosting an event.